Dan Maye

Birth Tissue International President Dan Maye co-founded BTi in 2016 along with Holly Hewitt with the purpose of addressing the growing need for birth tissue-derived products for patients.

With more than 25 years experience in tissue banking and 15 years experience in birth tissue recovery, Maye is a leader in this industry. Following the strictest protocols, as well as federal and state regulations, Maye and Hewitt created BTi – a unique birth tissue recovery program that places hospitals, first, providing tailored recovery programs for each facility based on their unique needs.

This vision has proved successful for BTi and its hospitals, and under Maye and Hewitt’s leadership, BTi continues to be a leader in birth tissue recovery, providing life-enhancing and life-saving tissue to patients throughout the U.S.

Holly Hewitt

A leader in tissue banking and birth tissue recovery, BTi co-founder Holly Hewitt has more than 15 years experience in birth tissue recovery and 25 years experience in tissue banking.

In 1994, Hewitt began work as a tissue recovery technician with the American Red Cross Tissue Services. In 2000, Hewitt and a team of talented individuals created and launched the first nationwide program to improve relationships between medical examiners and the organ and tissue donation community, focusing on strong collaboration and ultimately, increased awareness.

In addition to BTi, Hewitt serves as an AATB Birth Tissue Committee co-chair and as AATB Living Donor Council chair.

As author of the original birth tissue guidance document that was adopted by the FDA, Hewitt brings a wide array of expertise and experience to BTi, and is responsible for training and development, quality assurance and regulatory rules and regulations.

FDA and HIPAA Compliant

Birth Tissue International (BTi) is registered with the FDA and complies with the established HIPAA laws to ensure the confidentiality of all sensitive information. We are dedicated to providing the highest standard of care, patient understanding and safety throughout the entire donation process.

The Gift of Amnion

Since the early 20th century, amnion, the fluid protecting and nourishing your baby in the womb, has been used in various surgical procedures. Today, it is used to treat burn victims, difficult to heal wounds and soft tissue injuries, as well as used as a natural healing barrier in surgery.

Sadly, amnion and afterbirth is simply thrown away as medical waste after a baby is born. However, you can make a difference and choose to donate it after your precious miracle is born.

Donating Your Afterbirth

Ask your physician about donating your afterbirth. A single donation could help heal hundreds and allow people to live better lives. If your physician is not a current member of our birth tissue donation program and you would like to donate or you have questions, please contact us for further information.