“It’s like new life and hope, riding on the coattails of a new life.”

Dr. Damian Badeaux

“I see a lot of flexibility working with BTI. They are very easy to talk to, to contact. They make the process easy.”

Dr. Timothy Stone

BTI proudly partners with health systems across the country to create birth tissue recovery programs based on unique administrative and healthcare professional needs.

Each program is tailored toward the hospital and/or hospital system, ensuring the tissue recovery program seamlessly integrates with your day-to-day operations.

BTI also prides itself on working directly with hospitals on system maternity care goals and objectives, promoting better outcomes for patients.

For more information about establishing a birth tissue recovery program for your hospital, please complete and submit the form below.

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BTI considers it paramount that BTI does not interfere with or cause delays in daily workflow. BTI ensures our tissue recovery program meets the highest standards in the industry and seamlessly integrates into hospital processes.

Once we reach an agreement, BTI either provides a highly professional representative or trains hospital staff members to serve as a Birth Tissue Donation Coordinator.

None. Patients will review and sign a consent form explaining the process and requirements, complete a short medical and social history questionnaire, allow blood to be drawn and tested (normally on the day of delivery after an IV is in place) and permit BTI to review, make copies and retain relevant medical records.

We make every effort prior to initiating the program to educate nursing and medical staff about the donation process, use of tissue, and to address any questions or concerns.

The vast majority of women and their families intuitively recognize the altruistic value of granting permission for their birth tissues to be used to help heal and treat patients that are suffering. Especially, when one considers the alternative is for it to be discarded. A well-organized donation program can have a consent rate that exceeds 90%.

BTI founders have decades of experience working in hospitals across the country and are intimately aware of FDA requirements, as well as HIPPA guidelines involving patient privacy. All information is kept strictly confidential and no identifying information is shared with anyone, except where required by law.