Birth Tissue International and donor mom with baby who chose to donate her birth tissue.

BTI Strategic Partnership Promotes the Importance of Birth Tissue Donation

Birth Tissue International (BTI) is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Dallas-based Endow Tissue. The partnership allows for birth tissue donation program expansion throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

“BTI has built a solid reputation as a leader in birth tissue donation programs across the United States,” says CEO and Co-founder Dan Maye. “As we continue to grow, we are thrilled to partner with other leaders in the industry like Endow Tissue to further spread our mission to increase donation rates that allow the creation of birth tissue-derived medical innovations that can potentially save lives.”

BTI and Endow are focusing on raising national awareness about the importance of donating birth tissue. The current process involves expectant mothers scheduled for planned C-sections who agree to donate placental amniotic membrane tissues, cord blood and umbilical cords – often called afterbirth – for creating products designed to treat burn victims, heal severe wounds, treat eye injuries, and treat certain types of cancer. In the near future, BTI plans on recovering birth tissue from natural births, as well.

“Endow Tissue is thrilled to partner with BTI, one of the most respected companies in the industry,” says Endow Tissue CEO James Harrell. “Through this joint venture, we will be able to focus on establishing new birth tissue donation programs, building upon our mission of being the national leader in birth tissue collection services and playing a key role in the future of medicine.”

More often than not, birth tissue, or afterbirth, is discarded as medical waste after a baby is born, which BTI Quality Director Tammy Martin says is something she wants to change.

“The donation process is easy, doesn’t harm the mother or baby, and really is the very first gift mom and baby can give, establishing a legacy of healing moments after baby is born. One donation can help hundreds of patients live better lives,” says Martin. “We’re happy to have a strategic partner that shares our mission to promote the creation of medical innovations that heal and potentially save lives.”