Pregnant? Uncomfortable? Consider Prenatal Massage for Relief!

Why Prenatal Massage is Important

Celebrating the miracle of pregnancy is AWESOME. The uncomfortable symptoms that often accompany people who are expecting are NOT! Let’s face it, discomfort, stress, and physical strain are all part of the pregnancy journey. What to do? A prenatal massage may just be the answer. Not only does it provide much-needed relief, it provides a myriad of benefits for both you and baby.

Alleviates Physical Discomfort

Pregnancy is no joke! The body undergoes crazy and incredible changes during pregnancy, often leading to discomfort in the lower back, hips, legs, neck – well, everywhere, really.

Prenatal massage uses soft, gentle techniques to target these areas, alleviating muscle tension and reducing aches and pains caused by your rapidly growing little miracle.

The soothing strokes of a skilled therapist can provide much-needed relief, allowing you to feel better and face the many mental and physical challenges that often come with being pregnant.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Emotional much? For sure – and totally normal! Heightened stress, emotions and anxiety are very common when you’re pregnant and prenatal massage offers a tranquil little get-away where your relaxation is the main priority.

In fact, the natural release of endorphins during a massage can promote a sense of calm, helping to lower stress hormones and contribute to improved emotional well-being – a win-win for you and your baby!

Enhances Circulation

Did you know your body’s circulatory system plays a major role in ensuring you and your baby’s health? Did you also know prenatal massage encourages healthy blood flow, helps prevent swelling and may reduce the risk of blood clots?

Improved circulation delivers essential nutrients and oxygen to you and your growing little miracle, and of course an extra bonus is feeling great during and after the massage.

Makes You Sleep Better

The elusive quest for quality sleep is a common challenge during pregnancy. Hormonal changes, discomfort and anxiety can disrupt sleep patterns, and while good sleep is always important, it’s extremely important when expecting.

Prenatal massage has been shown to improve sleep quality by relaxing the body and mind, enabling the expectant mother allowing you to slumber into dreamland easier, stay asleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

Regulates Your Hormones During Pregnancy

Hormones play a significant role in pregnancy, influencing everything from mood to physical changes – and boy they can fluctuate. According to the American Pregnancy Association, prenatal massage can help regulate hormone levels, aiding in mood stabilization and reducing mood swings. The soothing touch of massage triggers the release of hormones like serotonin and dopamine, helping to keep you in a more relaxed, happy state-of-mind.

Preparation for Labor

As the due date approaches, preparing the body for labor becomes a priority. The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) explains that prenatal massage can contribute to this preparation by encouraging relaxation of the pelvic muscles and promoting optimal positioning of the baby. Some massage techniques may even help reduce the tension around the cervix, potentially facilitating a smoother labor process.

Always remember to consult your physician before booking your prenatal massage. It may or may not be right for you. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine advises people who are expecting consult with their doctor before trying massage.

If your doctor says you’re good to go, go for it! Prenatal massage is a gift that goes way beyond the physical benefits, serving as a bridge to emotional well-being and stress reduction while waiting for your little miracle to arrive.